Human Machinery

Jessica Edmiston, Niky Roehreke, Meguru Yamaguchi, Esther Ruiz, Juan Fontanive, Susanne Hofer

AUG 03 – 31, 2014

OPENING RECEPTION: Sunday,August 3, 6-8pm
167 Elizabeth Street New York, NY 10012


Human Machinery August 3rd - August 31, 2014 (Extended) OPENING RECEPTION: Sunday,August 3, 6-8pm +81 GALLERY 167 Elizabeth Street New York, NY 10012 Plus 81 Gallery is pleased to present Human Machinery, a group-show of sculptures and prints, juxtaposed with drawings, collages and paintings. From the mechanics of sight to the universe of graphics, the exhibition opens a window of reflection on the processes surrounding the creation of images and the system of representation. Jessica Edmiston’s hand drawings of cells and abstract orb pieces are inspired by imagery of the cellular world captured by powerful tools of modern electron microscopy (SEM). Niky Roehreke’s drawings combine pencil and watercolor with collages and typography to create colorful kaleidoscopic images. Meguru Yamaguchi paints with various mixed media; acrylic, epoxy resin, glass, and spray paint. He does not paint directly on the canvas but uses a collage-like technique he calls “cut and paste,” which consists of pouring epoxy resin on a plastic film, letting it dry, peeling it off, and then pasting it on the canvas. Esther Ruiz’s sculptures combine hydraulic cement, colored Plexiglas, paint, neon glass, and other industrial materials. She addresses the notion of assemblage to reflect on the physicality in space. Juan Fontanive tackles the notion of the persistence of vision by creating handmade flipbook machines that simulate the motion of flying creatures. Susanne Hofer interrogates our ways of seeing and representation through the creation of fictitious environments. As one wanders through the space, only one vantage point permits to perceive the cornerpiece in the illusionary state. From the meticulously handcrafted to the mechanically operated, the pieces explore and expand upon the notions of the visible, fictional, and physical spaces, each with its own unique methods and approaches. The show is curated by Diana Abi Khalil For further information please contact (646) 524-7171 or