Michihito Dobashi, Kenjiro Sano, Si Scott, Yoshihiro Yagi, Masayoshi Kodaira, Yuichi Ikehata, Yoriko Youda, and KeeganMeegan&Co.

SEP 04 – OCT 05, 2014

Reception: September 4th 6-8 pm


Vol.65 September 4th – October 5th Opening Reception: September 4th 6-8 pm Hours: Wednesday - Sunday 12-7 pm +81 Gallery: 167 Elizabeth Street, New York, NY 10012 www.plus81.us +81 Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of design objects including various illustrations, posters, and uniquely crafted book titled Mother Book by Michihito Dobashi. Most of the works shown are also featured in the newest issue Vol.65 of the +81 magazine, which surveys two distinctive and polarized trends in the creative industry – technological and handcrafted. The exhibition of these objects rarely seen outside of their former contexts will present a look into the complex minds of contemporary designers. The objects are created by renowned Japanese designers and a UK designer for diverse purposes: Kenjiro Sano’s work Tamabi series was made for theTama Art University (colloquially, Tamabi) and uses the motif of the hand in numerous distinctive acts like pushing dominos, to emphasize the singular importance of tactility in art and design, while The Beautiful Black List series, designed by Yoshihiro Yagi, wasfor an exhibition of the prestigious Black Pencil award winners selected by the D&DA, anduses the motif of the whale to symbolize the ambitious scale and mobility. Distilled to the simplest three tones of black, white and gray and abstracted forms of the largest mammal and waves, these illustrations represent a culmination of the history of the award, and evolution of design itself. Si Scott makes meticulous and intricate hand drawn designs inspired from music, which are incorporated into his multifaceted practice including album covers, interior design to paper cutting and tattooing. Yuichi Ikehata’s photographic works navigate seemingly opposite but intimately linked paradigms of reality and non-reality. Yoriko Youda makes a piece every day of the year, where she pursues the idea of sensuality, particularly through visualization of the vivid traditions and subtle feelings of disjuncture prevalent in contemporary Asian cultures. Masayoshi Kodaira’s series of posters for the 27th Architecture and Environment Design Competition uses unique typography to draw three-dimensional feel on two-dimensional media. KeeganMeegan & Co. makes contemporary designs using traditional letterpress instruments, and presents manually crafted and meticulously registered prints for the exhibition. Originally a publication introducing a wide array of culture from design, photography, and fashion to music, and printed bilingually in English and Japanese, +81 magazine has been at the forefront of innovative ideas from throughout the world, and +81 Gallery is delighted to carry on the spirit with its new exhibition. For further information please contact (646) 524-7171 or info@plus81.us