Sky and Cloud / Winter Spring


FEB 15 – MAR 11, 2018


Sky and Cloud/Winter Spring A-CHAN February 15th 2018- Opening Reception : February 15th 6-8pm +81 Gallery : 167 Elizabeth Street, New York, NY 10012 Hours : Wednesday - Sunday 12-7pm +81 Gallery is pleased to announce the February opening of a new solo exhibition by A-Chan. The new work, featuring photos of the Winter/Spring sky, follows A-Chan’s photos of the Summer/Autumn sky, which were exhibited at +81 last March. The new exhibition completes A-Chan’s Four Seasons Photo Project. The new works –Sky and Cloud, “Winter/Spring”– were shot in Brooklyn from the rooftop of the artist’s home, and these were created in C-print from negative using an experimental process with FUJI FP100c instant film that was discontinued in 2016. The unique colors and patterns that occur in these photos are organic, accidents analogous to the random beauty found in nature. Nature’s power, nature’s sadness, nature’s indifference are embodied in this work as extensions of the artist’s daily life in her private space. The “Winter/Spring” collection concludes the “Summer/Fall” collection presented in spring of 2017, completing the “Seasons” photography. Limited edition of “Seasons” photography will be available for purchase. Set includes 4 images of each season $630 / set 19 limited editions All images will be available for viewing at the gallery or contact the gallery for additional information. The project aspires to bring the seasons into your home, while simultaneously encouraging the viewer to look beyond her private space and become newly aware of the natural world. Collectors of “Sky and Cloud “ will receive seasonal photos and letters by A-chan over the course of the year. First delivery will be in March 2018 A-CHAN Profile Born and raised in Japan, A-CHAN worked with Masafumi Sanai in 1996 while completing her bachelor’s degree in photography at Tokyo Kogei University. In 1998 she started to develop own art works and also her career began photographing advertisements, CD jackets and magazines editorials. In 2006, she moved to New York and began working as co-editor and printer with Robert Frank. She has co-edited and co-designed a number of Frank’s books including "Tal Uf Tal Ab" (2010), "Pangnirtung" (2011) and "You Would" (2012), to name a few. A-chan has since exhibited her photographs and held slide shows at galleries in Tokyo and N.Y.C. She has held exhibitions at notable galleries such as Steven Kasher Gallery and has had several books published by Steidl. When Steven Kasher gallery posed the question what photography is to her, her response was ‘For me it is more like things in refrigerator next to scallion. But also a key to accept myself or to be a better person or something like that.’ For additional information, please contact :